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What the Hendersonville Church of God means to me….

Today it’s my honor to share what I hope is the first in a series of articles written by the members and those that attend the Hendersonville Church of God.    As a Pastor, I believe we are a great church, but I want people to know what the church says about the church!  Today’s blog was written by Amy Maryon.  Amy and her family have been a part of the Hendersonville Church of God going on two years.  They moved from the great state of Michigan and relocated here in North Carolina.  She is the mother of 11 children ranging from 4-24 and has a passion for the Lord.  It’s our privilege to have her share part of her love for this body!


” The Henderson Church of God means to me a sense of community and fellowship with other like minded individuals. It means a safe place that I can go and freely worship my God without reservations. It is a place of acceptance and not condemnation. A place to preach God’s Word with instruction on how to live it out. How do you go from being a sinner, or even a work in progress, to experiencing the abundance and joy that can only come from the Lord? You come and get knowledge and instruction that can only come from God’s Word. Focus is on the Bible and what it teaches, not on what man wants out of life, it is what God wants for you!

When I first came, it was about the services and how the Pastor was led. Did he “prepare” and preach from his notes? Did he look to give a “feel good” message? Was he looking to “reel” in people by entertainment for more numbers? None of that occurred. The messages are anointed and from the Lord. Every single week, I look forward to what the Lord gives me from them. You get out of it what you want from it. If your faith does not want revelation, then you can go and sit and be content. But if you desire more out of life and crave knowledge and hearing from the Lord—you will find that here.

It is a place that I can feel comfortable bringing my children to learn more about having a relationship with Jesus. The teachers have genuine hearts to want to encourage them to seek a relationship with the Lord. It is not about how much of a “fun time” they are going to have. Even though it is fun it is about instruction and discipleship.

The women’s ministry is a wonderful time of encouragement and fellowship with other like minded women. Even not knowing everyone in depth, it is like attending a big family gathering where you are loved no matter what your flaws are. We have multi generational women so that the older woman can encourage the younger women. There is a teaching and instruction as the Bible says about sin, but it is an encouragement for wanting abundance and joy in life. There are benefits to seeking God on a daily basis and those are taught and encouraged at church.

There is much teaching on focusing on your own life and what God has for you. Not what people “think” you should be doing. It’s about you as the individual, seeking God and seeing him manifest in your own life. There is an admittance of failure and flaws, but there is camaraderie of seeking Him more. It isn’t that there is “perfectness” but that there is a continual seeking to better improve yourself to become a helper in the Kingdom of heaven. No one individual can be IT. It takes every individual and every gift that God has given to them to make a complete body. It is a coming together to share what the Lord has given to you, to benefit everyone.

There is a focus on being a light in our community. It isn’t about trying to bring more people and seeing numbers increase, it is about doing God’s will and obeying his commands of going out into the world and helping others . It is about meeting people where they are at. Loving others and encouraging them, even if they never want to come to “our church.” Being the church by following Jesus.

Hendersonville Church of God is home. It is a place I am accepted and loved. I don’t need to pretend I’m someone I’m not. It is a place where I can take off my mask and be who God has me to be. I can let down my guard, show my insecurities and failures and be picked back up again. I’m encouraged and strengthen to go on with my week. I am given tools to live out my life boldly and confidently all in the will of Christ . I don’t have the perfect life but I have the perfect Father who leads me. I am very thankful He has led me to this church. I’ve found home……….. and home is a good place to be.”


If you would like to read more from Amy, visit http://www.plainandnotsoplain.com

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